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Ayurvedic Treatment for Dark Circles in Gurgaon

Dark circles beneath the eyes are an extremely prevalent and unpleasant cosmetic complaint in both men and women, especially in the population prone to stress. Various factors cause the skin to deteriorate and become extremely dry, which makes veins stand out more. Possible contributing factors include excessive pigmentation, a lower eyelid that is thin and luminous, sleep deprivation, extreme exhaustion, hereditary factors, allergy conditions, and aging. To correct this, people invest in costly under-eye creams and ointments but don’t get satisfactory results. To overcome this disappointment, Ayurveda comes to its rescue. The role of Ayurveda is essential as it is considered a safe and holistic option for improving beauty, and they are readily available for the use of people quickly.

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Reduce Dark Circles Using Ayurvedic Treatment-

Dark under-eye circles are a visible sign of the internal and external changes taking place in our body and the mind.This is the fundamental idea behind how Ayurveda will solve your issues. This ought to be the initial step on the path to having skin that is generally healthier. To maintain healthy lifestyle and taking proper sleep will help. Ayurveda can help you change your lifestyle and repair imbalances in the body by offering practical advice that is also effective at understanding the consequences of imbalances in the body.

The Root Of Dark Circles-

According to Ayurveda, the development of black circles might be a sign of a worsened vata imbalance brought on by various reasons such as irregular sleeping patterns or lack of sleep. Another factor in this imbalance is uneven or inadequate dietary intake. Therefore, these practices subject the body to unneeded stress. Several types of imbalance are noticed in the human body—the two most frequent Vata known.

Dark circles fall within the broad category of Vata-aggravating features such as blackish discoloration (Karshnya) and dark coloration (Shyavata), which are also referred to as Vata-predominant diseases (Vata NanatmajaVikara). The Vayasthapana, Varnya, Sandhaniya, Tvachya, Shothahara, and Tvachagnivardhani properties of the Ayurvedic cosmeceutical aid in maintaining attractiveness and avoiding early aging symptoms.

Lifestyle changes also plays vital role in the rectification of dark circle include ghee to your food, and also include nuts, seeds, and their oils to your daily diet. 

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Aaryuvedam At Your Rescue-

Aaryuvedam is one of best ayurvedic centre in Delhi NCR which provide excellent treatment of dark circle under eye. Aaryuvedam cosmeceuticals improve external appearance, gives longevity, and maintain youthfulness. The uses products that contain herbal ingredients to provide nutrition to the skin and reverse the signs of aging.

The use of natural products such as Amla, Gotukola, Neem, Henna, Bael, Brahmi, Haritaki, Shikakai, Bhringaraj, and Reetha, etc. has shown a proven effect on the rectification of dark circles beneath the eyes.

  • Book a specialized Ayurveda massage therapy called the Abhyanga at Aaryuvedam
  • Treatment at Aaryuvedam not only provides an excellent stress reliever but also promotes better blood flow and has been shown to considerably reduce hyperpigmentation in the skin.
  • You can also indulge in an oil bath in the comforts of your home at Aaryuvedam
  • Aaryuvedam advises using Triphala tea or Yastimadhu tea, or even pure water.
  • Aaryuvedam gives you an excellent experience of relaxing tired eyes. Massage your face and pigmented areas around the eye with KumkumadiTailam.

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Visit Aaryuvedam to speak with our Ayurvedic physician and receive guidance regarding what is occurring in your body. They are best able to direct you and provide you with customised therapies and treatments. Aaryuvedam investigates a variety of reasons and also examines the stages of any imbalance's development.


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