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Vastu Shastra, is an ancient Indian architectural science that deals with the principles of design, layout, measurements, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. The word "Vastu" means "dwelling" or "house," and "Shastra" means "science" or "knowledge." Therefore, Vastushastra is the science of designing and constructing buildings that are in harmony with nature and promote well-being, happiness, and prosperity.

According to Vastushastra, every living and non-living thing in the universe has energy, and the purpose of Vastushastra is to create a balance between these energies. It is believed that if a building is designed and constructed according to the principles of Vastushastra, it will attract positive energy and bring prosperity to the people living or working in it. On the other hand, if a building is not constructed according to these principles, it may result in negative energy and bring misfortunes.

Some of the basic principles of Vastushastra include:

  • The direction of the building:The direction in which a building is facing is crucial in Vastushastra. It is believed that different directions have different energies and influence the people living or working in the building. For example, the east direction is considered auspicious and is suitable for bedrooms, while the west direction is suitable for storing heavy materials.
  • The use of symbols:Certain symbols, such as the Swastika, Om, and the lotus, are considered auspicious in Vastushastra and are used in the design and decoration of buildings.
  • The use of colors:Colors have a significant influence on our mood and emotions, and Vastushastra emphasizes the use of specific colors in different rooms. For example, green is suitable for the east and north directions, while red is ideal for the south direction.
  • The placement of rooms:The placement of rooms within a building is also essential in Vastushastra. For instance, the living room should be in the northeast or northwest direction, while the kitchen should be in the southeast direction.
These are just a few of the principles of Vastushastra. While some people may be skeptical about the effectiveness of Vastushastra, many people in India and around the world believe in its principles and follow them in the design and construction of buildings.
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